KK Futbol Development is a professional and elite level training program that provides high quality training that develops every aspect of a player and their abilities. Our mission is to execute an unmatched training session and environment for all our players through private, double, group sessions and our special events and camp!
Coach Konrad grew up under the influence and was coached under one of the highest ranked and experienced coaches his whole life.

He played in the USSDA and Mlsnext Leagues his whole life across multiple teams. He has tons of European experience and knows exactly what it takes for a player to make it to the next level. Coach Konrad has experience playing in Spain, Netherlands, trailing with Schalke 04 and Fortuna Dusseldorf in Germany, trailing in Poland with Jagiellonia BiaƂystok and receiving contract offers as well as first division team AEL Limassol in Cyprus.
Our training is specialized to the players needs with every session incorporated with every attribute needed in a players tool box to maximize their performance in a real game.

KK Futbol Dev. focuses on every detail small and big to perfect an all around player.